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I am an IBCLC (lactation consultant) in Northern Ireland, mother to 2 boys, wife and blogger.  Until my children were born, my life looked very different.  After completing a BSc Hons in Psychology and a MSc in Computer Science I moved into IT and spent my last years in the corporate world as an IT Service Manager - a job which I loved and thought was my perfect career.
Fast forwarding through the birth and first year of my son, who was a fantastic teacher in mothering and breastfeeding, it gradually dawned on me that returning to the corporate world was no longer where my focus lay.  My second son who arrived 5 years later picked up the baton and set about teaching me about breastfeeding in a whole new way - they are all so different! 
Mothering through breastfeeding is rewarding in a way that I had never imagined.  I have spent the last 4 years as a voluntary breastfeeding counselor, and IBCLC helping other mums to reap these hidden rewards.

The Mammæ blog came about as an idea to help local mums, although it has grown into a much wider readership.  The name is a bit of a play on words.  Mammæ is the phonetic spelling of Mammae - the latin word for breast.

In Northern Ireland our breastfeeding rates are some of the worst in Europe.  Although 64% of mums here begin breastfeeding, and want to breastfeed, only 33% of mums are still breastfeeding at 6 weeks.  90% of mothers who stop didn't want to.  Mothers who get to 6 weeks of breastfeeding are much more likely to meet their goals.  Helping mums to get to 6 weeks and beyond is the goal of this blog.

"The greatest joy is nursing one's own baby.  
The second greatest is helping another mother to nurse hers"
Norma Woolf Ritter

Thank you for reading and sharing this site.  Please visit me on my professional website too where you can book a breastfeeding consultation or breastfeeding preparation class:  www.carolsmyth.co.uk

Carol Smyth
aka Mammæ

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